6 Back View Of Short Layered Haircuts To Inspire You

Short Bob with Stacked Layers: This back view showcases a short bob with stacked layers. The layers create a graduated, stacked effect, adding volume and dimension to the hairstyle.

Pixie Cut with Tapered Back: The back of a pixie cut is often tapered and closely cropped. It offers a clean and low-maintenance appearance, highlighting the nape of the neck.

Layered Shag Cut: A shag haircut features choppy, layered ends that are visible from the back. This creates a textured and carefree look.

Short Asymmetrical Cut: The back view of an asymmetrical haircut reveals the shorter side, which adds a unique and edgy element to the style.

Chin-Length Bob with Angled Layers: A chin-length bob with angled layers creates a sleek and structured back view, emphasizing the geometric shape of the cut.

Short Layered Crop: A short layered crop haircut has a uniform length in the back with layers throughout the top and sides. It offers a balanced and trendy appearance.

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