6 Dog Training Hand Signals

Sit: Extend your arm with the palm of your hand facing down and then raise your hand until it's level with your shoulder. This signal instructs your dog to sit down.

Stay: Hold your hand, palm out, in front of your dog's face like a traffic cop signaling to stop. This signal tells your dog to remain in place.

Lie Down: Start with your hand at chest level and then lower it to the ground, palm facing down. This gesture prompts your dog to lie down on the floor.

Come: Extend your arm, palm up, and call your dog by patting your thigh or chest with your other hand. This signal invites your dog to come to you.

Heel: Hold your arm straight down with your hand closed in a fist, and keep it close to your leg. This signal indicates that your dog should walk closely by your side.

Quiet: Place your index finger vertically in front of your lips. This signal is used to hush your dog and stop them from barking or making noise.