7 Biggest Deals at Dollar Tree in October

Halloween Decorations and Costumes: In October, Dollar Tree typically offers a wide range of Halloween decorations, costumes, party supplies, and candy.

Fall Decor: As autumn arrives, Dollar Tree often stocks fall-themed decorations, such as faux leaves, pumpkins, and tableware.

Canned Goods: Dollar Tree consistently offers canned vegetables, fruits, soups, and more at $1 each.

Candy and Snacks: Dollar Tree is a go-to place for affordable candy and snacks year-round. In October, you'll find Halloween-themed treats and bags of candy for trick-or-treaters.

Candles and Home Fragrance: Look for candles, air fresheners, and other home fragrance items at Dollar Tree.

Craft Supplies: Dollar Tree carries a variety of craft supplies, including seasonal items like Halloween-themed stickers, craft paper, and more.

Cold and Flu Season Essentials: As the cold and flu season approaches, Dollar Tree often has deals on items like tissues, hand sanitizers, and over-the-counter medicines.

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