8 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Aldi in October 2023

Breakfast Best Pumpkin Spice Waffles: These waffles are a delicious fall breakfast option that's quick and easy to make

Specially Selected Pumpkin Feta Flatbread: This flatbread is perfect for a quick and easy appetizer or snack. It's made with pumpkin puree, feta cheese, and spices

Specially Selected Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli: These ravioli are filled with smoked mozzarella cheese and have a delicate, smoky flavor. They're perfect for a weeknight meal

Specially Selected Truffle Goat Cheese Risotto: This risotto is a luxurious dish that's perfect for a special occasion. It's made with truffle goat cheese, Arborio rice, and white wine

Specially Selected Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews: These cashews are a delicious and healthy snack. They're coated in milk chocolate and sea salt, and they're perfect for on-the-go snacking

Specially Selected Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce: This pasta sauce is a flavorful and unique option for your next pasta night. It's made with pumpkin puree, chipotle peppers, and spices

Emporium Selection Halloween Cheese Assortment: This cheese assortment is perfect for a Halloween party. It includes a variety of cheeses, like cheddar, mozzarella, &  Swiss cheese

Aldi is known for its high-quality products at low prices. These items are no exception. You can save a significant amount of money by buying them at Aldi instead of your traditional grocery store

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